About Pipe Core

About Pipe Core

WaterMark approved to meet stringent Australian industry standards.

We deliver pipe relining and drain cleaning solutions to help you grow your plumbing business.

From starting out, to adding new services, we have what you need. Up skill with us, expand your business and leave your competitors behind.

What you get…

No lock-in contracts. No licences. No franchises.

Our products are completely scalable. You can start small and grow at your own pace.

Already well established? We have the latest technology to keep you growing.

And you get access to training, support, marketing, sales advice and on-going consulting. Keep your company ahead of the game.

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Look for the orange liner
and the red Watermark

Our orange liner is stronger, more durable and lasts longer than any other product on the market.

The WaterMark certification means a pipe relining system or product meets Australian standards. It is a legal requirement for installers to use only products that carry the WaterMark.


Our customers say…

Very satisfactory

“The very satisfactory experience lining our root-penetrated 40 year old earthenware sewers, has highlighted the three main factors Pipe Core bring to this process. Highly engineered products made to internationally recognised quality standards. The specialised equipment needed for this work. And, most importantly, experienced plumbers who have knowledge accumulated in relining across a wide variety of situations”

– John Foster