#10: It’s a great time to clear out the warehouse

With the addition of our newly acquired WaterMark certification, it’s a great time to clear out the warehouse. We’re selling off our non compliant materials – at a generous discount. And, once the shelves are empty, they will be gone forever – replaced with WaterMark compliant stock.  


We have several boxes of each diameter, but it’s first in best dressed.

Brawoliner 100mm diameter
50m box – $32.00/m 

Brawoliner 150mm diameter
50m box – $48.00/m

Brawoliner 3D 100/150mm diameter
50m box – $48.00/m

Brawoliner 3D 70/100mm diameter
50m box – $35.00/m


If you would like to place an order give Brad a call or drop him a line.