#11: Two plumber mates were chatting about training issues…

The first plumber asked his mate “What happens if I invest time and money training my staff and they leave to work for someone else?” To which the second plumber replied, “Yeah, but what if you don’t train them and they stay?”


If you purchase any type of equipment from Pipe Core training is included, free of charge, with the equipment that you purchase. And, you can get telephone support and advice while you’re out in the field and want a second opinion.

We also offer training with our hire equipment. If you choose to hire one of our inversion drum packages and don’t know how to use the equipment we can train you, and any of your employees, here at our factory in South Melbourne.

There are many aspects to inversion training, and we always suggest you start with basic inversion jobs using ambient cure resin. Basic training starts at $800 which covers the cost of felt, resin and a half day course.

If you decide to purchase one of our inversion drums within 12 months of paying for training, we will credit you the money spent on training towards the purchase of your new drum.


We have a range of courses available to meet your training requirements:

  • Pipe Core Pull-in-place Lining System™
  • Pipe Core Junction Repair System™
  • Pipe Core Inversion Lining System™
  • Pipe Core UV Lining System™
  • Pipe Core Spray Lining System™
  • Pipe Core Manhole Rehabilitation System™

On completion of your training with our certified instructor you will receive a formal certificate and can display the Pipe Core Certified Supplier sticker on your vehicle.


If you would like more information on our training courses give Brad a call or drop him a line.