#15: Follow the leader, or be the leader?

Running your own small business is more than a full time job. As a business owner you’re almost resigned to the fact your business will likely consume you, every waking hour possessed by this monster you’ve created.


Many of us are motivated to start our own business because, as we all know, the boss just sips lattes while we work our guts out, right?

So with a rose-coloured vision of life without a boss, you take the plunge and go out on our own – starting with a ute or a van working from home. After working all day, invoicing at night and quoting against 10 other plumbers for the same job on weekends, you hire your first tradesman, then another and another.

Before you know it you have 10 blokes to keep happy and 3 in the office. But, to win bigger jobs with a builder, you have to cut margins down to 5% or even less.


Almost daily you hear the saying “work smarter, not harder” but what does this really mean? The plumbing industry is fast and dynamic. It’s in a constant state of change.

The greatest challenge facing business owners is the ability to quickly respond; to be the catalyst guiding the business to market leader instead of follower. But with change comes opportunity – to adopt new technologies and deliver plumbing solutions in smarter ways.

Here at Pipe Core, we know the trenchless technology market in Australia is a long way from its peak. Pipe relining is far from reaching full industry acceptance and our ageing infrastructure means a continuous supply of work for generations to come.

Of course, its up to you to do your own research and form a sound business plan, but starting small and dipping your toe in the water with a Pipe Relining Start-up Kit is well worth investigating. And it won’t scare your accountant! You don’t have to outlay a large fortune based on gut instinct.

So ask yourself the question. Do you want to be an innovative leader or a soon to be extinct dinosaur? Come in or give us a call – we have a range of options to help take your plumbing business to the head of the pack.

  • pipe lining
  • CCTV surveys from 40mm pipe to 2m
  • spray lining
  • high pressure water jets
  • robotic cutters
  • ultra violet cure pipe lining
  • junction lining


Pipe Core are Australia’s leaders in trenchless technology, supplies and training. For more information on getting started in Pipe Relining give us a call, drop us a line or come and see us at our factory in South Melbourne.