#9: Pipe Core gets Australian standards WaterMark approval

Exciting news for our installers. Pipe Core now has the Australian standards WaterMark approval for our pipe relining systems. The standard, introduced by the ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board) in May last year, is listed under the WaterMark Technical Specification:

WMTS-518:2016 Rehabilitation of existing Non Pressure Pipelines by the use of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)


The WaterMark references the highest standards set internationally. It approves only the highest quality systems which show a proven 50 year design life through scientific testing and calculations. Its purpose is to combat the rising trend of home made materials, cheap imports and poor, untried Australian systems and products (often installed incorrectly) and provide protection for the asset owners from inferior services or products.

This is an exciting time for all Pipe Core installers. The new standard will provide genuine credibility – a tangible benefit when selling to skeptical customers. It also gives Pipe Core installers a unique selling point when competing with non approved competitors.

  • Pipe Core Proliner
  • Pipe Core Super Flex
  • Pipe Core Straight Shot Liner

Used in conjunction with:

  • Pipe Core Easy Pox Range (Epoxy Resin)

To comply with the WaterMark Specification contractors must:

  • Thoroughly document all conditions before, during and after the installation in writing and with video footage.
  • Install only Pipe Core certified products.
  • The Liner must be installed inverted so that the liner coating forms the new pipe wall and resin is pushed in all cracks with 100% contact to the existing pipe wall.
  • The Liner must exhibit a luminous orange colour so that a relined pipe is easily identified in the future and show visible printing of the liner label once installed.
  • A compliance certificate must be issued identifying exact batch data (printed on the liner label and on resin drums).

This email extract from Mr Bruce Goodspeed, Project Officer at the ABCB helps clarify:

  • Plumbing products requiring WaterMark certification are listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Specifications. If such products are available for purchase and have been WaterMark certified, they are authorised for use in a plumbing and drainage installation;
  • If plumbing products listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Specifications are available for purchase but have not been WaterMark certified, they are not authorised for use in a plumbing and drainage installation;
  • The Scheme is enforced by the state and territory plumbing administrations at the point of installation (not at the point of sale);
  • Plumbing products are able to be sold without WaterMark certification and there are no penalties on suppliers for doing so. However, if the product is not certified when it should have been the state and territory administrations may not authorise its installation. In addition, a licensed plumber is not permitted to install these products.

It is the licensed plumber’s responsibility to ensure they are using approved products and completing installations as per specifications. Not adhering to this standard may result in:

  • A plumbing Inspector may fail the installation and direct the contractor to excavate and remove the installed liner.
  • The inspector may also place an incumberence on the property or asset until the installation has been rectified using approved products.
  • A faulty liner may not be covered by insurance should the insurer deem unapproved products were used or installed incorrectly.


If you have any questions or, would like more information about our WaterMark standard, give Brad a call or drop him a line.