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Size: 100-125mm x 1m

Size: 100-125mm x 2m

Size: 80-100mm x 1m

Size: 80-100mm x 2m

DN: 100-125 mm Long, Diameter: 60mm

DN: 100-125 mm Short, Diameter: 60mm

DN: 100-125 mm, Diameter: 60mm

DN: 100-150 mm, Diameter: 64mm

DN: 100mm Long, Diameter: 50mm

DN: 100mm Short, Diameter: 50mm

DN: 100mm, Diameter: 50mm

DN: 125-200 mm, Diameter: 80mm

DN: 150-230 mm, Diameter: 95mm

DN: 40mm, Diameter: 22mm

DN: 50mm, Diameter: 30mm

DN: 70-100 mm, Diameter: 42mm

DN: 70mm, Diameter: 35mm

DN: 30-100 mm, Length: 1.5m, Diameter: 28mm

DN: 30-100 mm, Length: 2m, Diameter: 28mm

DN: 50-150 mm, Length: 1.5m, Diameter: 42mm

DN: 50-150 mm, Length: 2.5m, Diameter: 42mm

DN: 70-200 mm, Length: 4m, Diameter: 55mm

DN: 200-500 mm, Length: 2m, Diameter: 150mm

DN: 200-500

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