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Type: 1504

Type: 3008

Type: 4514

Type: 6024

Type: 9030

Type: T0530

Resin Systems

Easy Pox Resin

Single resin component compatible with each different hardener available. 4:1 ratio by weight Refer to Resin Calculator for details.

Type: Summer, Size: 14 Kg (9.4 L), Comp C %: 1%

Type: Winter, Size: 14 Kg (9.4 L), Comp C %: 3%

Type: Slow, Size: 14 Kg (9.4 L), Comp C %: 0%

Type: Component B, Size: 21Kg, Comp C %: 0

Type: UA, Size: 30kg

Type: VE, Size: 30kg

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