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2L Metal Can


2L Metal Lid

Drain Cleaning

Adjustable Clutch

Addon: Adapter For 14mm Cable

Addon: Clutch Adjusting Tools Set

Addon: Clutch Rotator Sleeve

Addon: T-slide 16mm Adapter, Male

Air Compressors

AEG – Battery 9.0Ah

Type: Battery 9.0Ah

Out of stock

Type: Belt Drive Air Compressor

Air Compressors

AEG – Charger

Type: Charger

Type: Compressor + 2 x Battery + Charger

Type: Compressor + Battery + Charger

Out of stock

Air Compressors

AEG – Compressor Skin

Type: Compressor Skin

Air Compressors

AEG – Drill

Type: Drill

Air Compressors

AEG – Drill Bundle

Type: Drill Bundle

Length: 0.5m, Diameter: 7.8

Length: 1.5m, Diameter: 7.8

Length: 1m, Diameter: 7.8

Length: 2m, Diameter: 7.8

Length: 3m, Diameter: 7.8

Length: 4m, Diameter: 7.8

Type: 3/8" BSP - Hardened Stainless Steel

Drain Cleaning

Beaver Nozzle