Photo: SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH


As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of trenchless rehabilitation of pipes you can expect more from us than an “off the shelf” product: As a system supplier you can get an all-round package from us – individually planned and produced for your project.

In our production facilities in Saerbeck, Münsterland, in Huntersville, North Carolina (USA) and in Pinghu (China) our products, from glass fibre to ready-to-install products, are manufactured in-house. This unique flexibility allows us to offer our clients high quality, short delivery times and customised solutions at all times. These are properties that provide our partners invaluable benefits both in the planning phase and during the installation.



Our classic GRP-liner for the curing process with UV:
Incorporated thousands of times, proven for years!

With the SAERTEX-LINER® TYPE S+ SAERTEX multiCom® is offering an unrivaled product for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipes. With an excellent short-term modulus of 20,500 s/mm² and a reduction factor of only 1,28, the SAERTEX-LINER® Type S+ is the GRP-Liner with the highest mechanical properties in market. 

For economical and cost effective rehabilitation of pipes at the highest level, we have developed the SAERTEX-LINER® Type M for the smaller dimensions up to DN 400, which is used in cases where the wall thickness is between 3 mm and 4 mm.

The large load capacity and the longevity of the SAERTEX-LINER® Type S+ and Type M are due to their excellent mechanical characteristics. The bending modulus and bending strength are particularly important in this context. Both liners are manufactured from durable chemical and corrosion-resistant glass. The infusion is done at the factory using polyester resin for the municipal sector or vinyl ester resin for industrial use.

The SAERTEX-LINER® is suitable for curing with UV-light. Compared to conventional curing needle felt liners using warm water, this method features low energy consumption, handy equipment, as well as extremely short curing times. Detailed consultations prior to the rehabilitation measures ensure that the most economical solution is used in your project.

Photo: SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH


  • Individual liner lengths up to 500 m
  • All profiles (circular, egg- or mouth-shaped, box)
  • Bends of up to 30° and
  • Change of dimensions possible
  • Curing under UV-light
  • DIBt-certification: Z-42.3-350



The world’s first GRP-liner with styrene-proof inner coating for the trenchless rehabilitation of gravity  pipes: SAERTEX-LINER® Premium Type M and Type S+.


SAERTEX-LINER® Premium is ideally suited for the trenchless rehabilitation of gravity pipes.

And as further development also available as SAERTEX-LINER ® Pressure for the rehabilitation of pressurised pipelines in the waste water, rain water, and sewage water sector (Prof. Wagner, Wismar University, report no. III/6-9812).


The robust internal coating enables the UV-chain to be installed even under though local conditions.

Thanks to the internal coating, the inner film does not need to be removed. This saves 1 hour per 100 m (example DN 300).

The internal coating is another component which helps to make the  SAERTEX-LINER® Premium 100% leak-proof.


Shaft Connection

To bind the new SAERTEX-LINER® Premium permanently close to the shaft, SAERTEX multiCom®  recommends the QUICK-LOCK liner end sleeve.

A durable connection which distinguishes itself by an easy assembly, the application of long-lasting materials (VA4 high-grade steel and EPDM), the density as well as HD flush test (proved by the IKT – Institute for Underground Infrastructure, Gelsenkirchen, Germany).


 Saertex-Liner® H2O

Trailblazing innovation for the trenchless rehabilitation of potable water pipes.



  • The SAERTEX-LINER® H2O is suitable for the rehabilitation of pipes with a diameter of 8” up to 48” (DN 200 up to DN 1,200 mm) currently.
  • By end of 2016 the maximum dimension will be 60” (DN 1,500 mm).
  • Depending on the available UV-equipment and weight of the SAERTEX-LINER® H2O the maximum possible Installation length is currently approximately 1,050 feet (320 m).


  • The SAERTEX-LINER® H2O can withstand external and internal loads, including a vacuum.
  • Structural classification of the Liner according to DIN EN ISO 11295 / AWWA M28:Class A / Class IV: close fit – independent – fully structural
  • Due to high mechanical properties:
    – Very thin walls are used.
    – High pressure applications are possible.
  • The smooth surface and the thin walls are providing excellent hydraulic values.


  • USA: NSF / ANSI Standard 61
  • Germany: DVGW W 270 und KTW-Leitlinie
  • Poland: NIPH – NIH Hygienisches Zertifikat Nr. K/W/0850/01/2016
  • Slovak Republic: RÚVZ – Zulassung Nr. 33/2017
  • Spain: Real Decreto 140/2003
  • Czech Republic: SZÚ – Zulassung EX 170029, Nr. 66/2017
  • Russia: Stadt Moskau, Hygienisches Zertifikat Nr. RU.
  • Brazil: Verordnung 2914:2011 des Gesundheitsministeriums Brasilien