Manufacturing of Renssi tools and drain cleaning equipment started in the year 2008 when they developed a way to manufacture efficiently and with high quality results.

Since then, Renssi have been producing tools in Finland using sustainable materials and 3D-design.




Jousitie 6
20760, Kaarina

Cutting Heads

Lateral Cutter Kit

Crimping tool used in combination with 32mm, 51mm and 76mm clamps.

Drain Cleaning

Adjustable Clutch

The clutch is used as an accessory for a drill when rotating a cable with a chain knocker on it. The clutch prevents the cable from breaking down and also personal injuries, if the tool gets stuck in the pipe while rotating.


Sandpaper Holder

Cutting Heads

Overshot Cutter Kit

Overshot Cutter + Centering Axle + CC-100 Connector

Cutting Heads

Overshot Cutter

Overshot Cutter

Includes drill, centralizer and connector.