Technical data

You can find Certifications, Technical Data sheets, Job Process Information and Materials Safety Data sheets here.


WaterMark Certification
Pipe Core Watermark Approval

Technical data
Pipe Core Handbook Product Technical Data

Curing table
Curing Table for Pipe Core Epoxy Resins

Job Process Information
Pipe Core Job Process Information

Materials Safety Data Sheets
Easy POX 1504 (Rev. 01.10.2019)
Easy POX 3008 (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy POX 4514 (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy POX 6024 (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy POX T0530 (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy POX A (Rev. 01.10.2019)
Easy POX T0880

Easy Pur 2K Comp A Summer / Winter (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy Pur 2K Comp A Slow (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy Pur Comp A (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy Pur Comp B (Rev. 14.10.2019)
Easy Pur Comp C (Rev. 14.10.2019)

SAERTEX-LINER® (UP RESIN) (Rev. 14.10.2019)

Pipe Core Terms and Conditions of Sale


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