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Make sure you have the knowledge and tools to get your installation right first time.

Whether you’re just starting out or adding new pipe relining services, we have the course you need.

Pipe Core Certification

Pipe Core installers are widely known as the best in the business, with superior installation techniques and quality products.

Want more lucrative contracts at better rates? Ensure your employees and business are Pipe Core certified.  

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Want to offer pipe relining services to your customers? We run courses designed to up skill you and your staff.

  1. IST Epoxy Resin System for short relines
  2. Junction Repair systems
  3. Inversion Lining for longer relines

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Course fees

Purchase a Pipe Lining kit from us and the corresponding training course is free.

If you haven’t purchased a kit, you can still attend our training courses. We can train just you, or your whole staff. Complete the training on-site at your premises or at Pipe Core. Cost will depend on the number of staff and training location.

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