No-Dig Pipe Relining Innovation

No lock-in contracts. No licences. No franchises.

We offer pipe relining solutions to help fast track your plumbing business.

We supply quality materials, cutting-edge equipment, expert support and an honest straight-up approach.


We stock premium products imported direct from our European suppliers. Find everything you need including:

  • full length inversion relining
  • branch & junction relining
  • patch relining
  • drain cleaning equipment
  • accessories

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We don’t cut your lunch…

Our products and services are direct-to-trade only. Your customer is just that, your customer. We focus entirely on servicing you and your plumbing business.

Team up with us to get the support you need to best look after your customers.

The Pipe Core System

LICENCE #23295

Look for the orange liner and the red WaterMark

Our WaterMarked orange liner is stronger, more durable and lasts longer than any other product on the market.

Give your customers the confidence that only comes in orange and lasts 50 years.


Quality assurance

Get the best solutions, products, training and advice. That’s our commitment to you.

Give your customers the quality assurance they need. All our WaterMarked products are tried, tested and proven – in the real world. Deliver with confidence, we’re right behind you.

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